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I have attached the LTC application.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Keith and I also joined AMAC, and my membership number is:  212XXXX-1.  Thanks for recommending this organization.


Thanks again for all of your time and patience in helping me navigate LTC issues.  It has really helped both Keith and me understand some of the details that, until meeting with you, were more or less just skimmed over by other advisors.  I always left their office feeling like I knew just enough to be dangerous to myself and my family.  I feel much more comfortable about the details having met with you.




Angela, Lewisville, NC, February 2020


Thanks for being so patient with us. Evidently John was concerned with not signing where you’re supposed to sign, so it took him longer than expected. 


If there’s a survey or something that I could fill out for your quality customer service and persistence, please send it to me. You’re the best. I haven’t ever worked with someone who is so focused on the customer and working to get coverage where possible. 


Thanks, Harry, for taking such good care of us. 

BC,Texas, February 2020

To whom it may concern,

I am 96 years old and unlike my husband who passed over 10 years ago, I did not have to make a claim for Alzheimer’s.  Instead, over three years ago I had a compression fracture in my back and every move was excruciating.  For a while I was total dependent on my children to help me get up during the night.   Through a surgery called kyphoplasty my pain was relieved, but I required home care to help me do the things I used to take for granted.   I was fortunate to have a son in the long-term care insurance business who convinced my husband and me to get some coverage even it was not enough to pay all the bills.   It was difficult for us since we are not a wealthy family, but we were rich in many other ways.    Were it not for the long term care insurance policy we purchased over 25 years ago I would, no doubt, have nothing left to pass on to my children?  Furthermore, I would not have the choices of care I have today.    When I bought Long Term Care Insurance over 20 years ago, I never thought it would turn out to be such an important decision.   It was a stretch for us to pay for this coverage on our budget so we bought the coverage we could afford.   You should too.


Christine, SC, April 2019

“Dear H…. - Mom bought her long-term care insurance (LTCi) policy in 1999. She paid in approximately $14,700 before her premiums stopped when she began to collect from her policy in 2006. That's when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctors told her she'd live for three more years. Instead, she lived for 9 more years. I really think owning LTCi played a role in her increased lifespan.


We are grateful to our mother for having the foresight to purchase LTCi that helped all of us over the 9 years Mom was ill, not only financially but emotionally.  We each have heard from others who are navigating their parents' senior years without having LTCi available as their health declines.  How fortunate for the four of us that Mom took care of this very important issue a long time ago, of course not knowing she would be a recipient of the coverage in less than 7 years.  Our conservative estimate from incomplete records indicates that Mom collected at least $142,000 from her LTCi policy."


EQ, Houston, Texas, March 2015

Hello Harry,

I spoke with you a few months ago to ask you a question about my Long-Term Insurance Policy.  Thank you for being there to answer my questions.

 I would like to tell you how fortunate I was to have bought this policy from you in 2001.  I had been ‘Poked’ by my favorite radio personality Clark Howard, a Consumer Advocate with a syndicated radio program.  He was urging those in their late 50’s 60’s and early 70’s to seriously consider buying LTHC.  Healthcare costs were increasing, and this would be an inexpensive healthcare insurance policy.

I listened and started looking.  I wasn’t looking for ‘cheap’, I was looking for good coverage should we ever need it.  The policy I chose was with GE Capital later called Genworth and before I sign a contract, I met you on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta.  You filled in the blanks and answered my questions.  A week later I sent you my application.  The annual payment was $3894/yr. 

Ten years later almost to the date of signing our policy I activated the policy because my husband had had a CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident—vascular stoke).  I was fortunate to be able to care for him for 1 ½ year before asking for help from our LTHC.  Then, I hired help for 10 hours/day -- $4200/mo.  --$306 less than my annual payment.  I was blessed that my husband slept through the night and I didn’t require help those night hours.  I wanted to have him at home with me and my LTHC policy allowed me to do that.  He died in my arms as I lay with him just as he and I wanted. 

I am aware that LTHC plans have changed in the years since 2001, but encourage those looking for a plan to help with healthcare to look at a LTHC plan.  I live in a CCRC – Continuing Care Retirement Community. The 2018 fees for:

                Assisted Living:  $238-279/day   1 person*

                Skilled Nursing:  $349-376/day   1 person*

                Memory Care:    $252/day          1 person  **

*This is a 5-star CCRC—expect higher prices.   

**This facility is the ONLY BUTTEFLY--5-star Project (only CCRC in US)

I cannot impress enough on your prospect how important this policy is to their savings on healthcare costs.  Although it may have changed in the past few years, it is still a blessing if you need to watch your medical costs.  It’s a WINNER.

You have saved me thousands of dollars I didn’t have to spend with this policy.

Thank you for your help.


Kindest regards,


Marianne, Stone Mountain, GA, September 2018

“Dear Mr. Crosby,

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am that my Dad, E. Barley, took out long term care insurance with you and your company.  Someone above must have been watching over us when you took the time to come back to visit my Dad after he received his refund for canceling his policy.  Thank God he never cashed the refund check and kept his policy……………………………………………………………………………………….

In the next few weeks, we are transferring my Dad to the Methodist Home here in Orangeburg where there will be nursing home care when Dad needs it.   Without the long-term care insurance policy, you helped Dad obtain I don’t know what we would have done.   By planning my Dad blessed his children.  My Dad was a smart man”

E. Barley in Orangeburg, SC, August 1997.  

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The agent was prompt to contact me. He was knowledgeable, easy to understand and thorough in answering all of my questions and concerns.


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Easy to communicate with. Followed through in a timely manner. Went above and beyond trying to help me with my insurance needs. Will contact him again if I ever need insurance again.

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clear, direct communication. Answered questions on various products I inquired about. Knowledgable.


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He was very knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear way.


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I liked working with Will, very knowledgeable within his area of expertise. I appreciate that he was as concerned with my budget and I am.


The LTC policy he suggested isn't within my budget at the time, but he offered to look at a STC policy I was considering through fraternal organization I belong to. I appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile.


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Very easy to get long term care insurance

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